Posted by: Ray | November 15, 2010

Top 7 European Travel Destinations

The top 7 European travel destinations offer so much for the traveler. Any one of the top 7 European travel destinations will provide a wide range of vacation options for a vacation to be always remembered.

Europe is a continent filled with excitement. In every country in Europe one can find historical sites dating back thousands of years, old cities of lost and ancient civilizations. Today’s Europe never gets old, no matter where one goes, excellent drink and food is to be found and culture is everywhere.

There are capital cities galore and many beautiful villages along the way. Europe even has its fair share of beautiful beaches, some that may be as excellent as the beaches in the Caribbean Islands.

Here are top 7 European travel destinations:


Paris, France







In France, one can find the beautiful city of Paris, known as the city of love. So many amazing things can be found in this city, one being the famed Eiffel Tower which is known by many as one of the wonders of the world.

And don’t forget to check out another amazing structure that is found in Paris, the Arc de Triumphe. The Cathedral of Notre Dame will not disappoint you. If time permits, the beaches of France are some of the most beautiful in the entire world.

London, England








If you wish to visit England, begin with London, the capital city and one of the top 10 European travel destinations. London is an inviting city with many different cultures, great entertainment and so much history.

The Palaces of the English Royal Family are a must see for history lovers and the Buckingham Palace is one of the better known palaces in the world. From London, you can easily visit Ireland, Scotland or Wales. The English Isles are close to France in case you plan on visiting both England and France.

Rome, Italy







Rome is one of the largest cities in Europe with an area of 1,290 square kilometers. It definitely is one of the top 10 European travel destinations. Rome is a culturally rich city that has hundreds of historical sites to enjoy. Rome is truly an ancient city where you can even see the ancient Roman Colosseum. The villas in Rome are some of the most beautiful in the entire world – the villas are parks but are much more detailed and beautiful parks than usual. And there are plenty of museums for history buffs located throughout the city.

Venice, Italy







Venice is the capital of the region of Veneto and the Province of Venice. Venice’s nickname is the ‘City of Canals’. Everyone has heard of Venice and how there is water covering almost every part of the city. Transportation within the city remains entirely on water or on foot as it was in centuries past. Venice is Europe’s best known car-free area without motor vehicles and trucks.

Amsterdam, Holland







Amsterdam is the city of dreams according to many and one of the top 10 European travel destinations. Amsterdam is famous for such attractions as Central Station, for its clubs and coffee shops. This city is one of the most liberal cities around as you can freely smoke marijuana anywhere you choose. The Schiphol Airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown Amsterdam. It handles about 40 million passengers a year and is the fourth largest airport in Europe.

Brussels, Belgium







The city of Brussels is located directly in the middle of Belgium. You will need two different translation books since half of the population speaks French and the other half speaks Dutch. Brussels International Airport links with most of the transportation for the entire city including British trains. If you want a great value on a hotel stay while visiting Brussels, check out the Best Western hotels in Brussels here.

Barcelona, Spain








The Iberian Peninsula features its own beautiful two countries, Spain in the east and Portugal to the west. Barcelona offers a unique opportunity for the tourist to walk from Roman ruins to the medieval city and then to the modern city with its open thoroughfares and gridiron street patterns. The historic city center is flat, while the modern city stretches out towards the hills, bordered by steep streets that are much like those found in San Francisco.



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