Posted by: Ray | October 3, 2010

5 Tips for better sleep on your cruise vacation

Many of us go on a cruise vacation looking to recharge from the daily grind. Getting plenty of GOOD sleep is an important part of coming home refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here are some tip for a better sleep while cruising:

1. Ear plugs: Whether you plan to sleep in late or retire early, cruise ships are busy 24 hours a day. To prevent being awaken by the late night crowd or early morning risers use ear plugs to stop the noise. If the ear plugs are uncomfortable you can usually cut them in half so they fit in the ear more comfortably.

2. Pool side napping: One of the great pleasures about vacation and cruising is the ability to sleep any time you wish. Most people take advantage of our natural tendency to be sleepy after lunch to catch up on sleep that we may have lost the night before or the weeks leading up to vacation. If you have trouble sleeping at night you may want to skip on the naps during the day. Napping during the day decreases our sleep drive at night. If you find yourself getting sleepy around the pool, get up and take a quick swim or walk around the deck.

More tips and the full article @ CruiseSource



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